Frequently Asked Questions

Information on some aspects of PRTRs are contained in answers to frequently asked questions.

Who can I contact to obtain more information about the PRTR programme in a specific country?
Country specific contacts are not provided on this site but the country specific links that are provided can be used to request additional information from a specific country.

What substances are reported in PRTR Programmes?
The substances included in the reporting requirements of the different PRTR programmes vary by country and organisation. For example the European PRTR requires facilities to report their releases to air, water and land for some 91 substances, while the Canadian PRTR programme requires reporting for 341 substances. More information on the substances included in these two PRTR programmes and the others programmes that are available around the world can be found by using the PRTR links provided on this site.

How do I provide feedback on the content of the website? The OECD Task Force on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR) and the UNECE Aarhus Convention secretariat is interested in obtaining your feedback to improve this website. To provide your comments, suggestions, and updates please send an email to

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